What is the grade of plastic being used in products?

All items at Richcraft International are manufactured out of 100% virgin plastic granules with no single unit of any second material usage.

Where can we buy Richcraft products?

Our products are available widely across the country. Please call us on our 24-hr helpline number +91 84 49 441000, to find a Richcraft dealer closest to you.

How can I know if my Richcraft product is authentic?

There are several ways for you to be sure about the authenticity of our products. On every product package, we have a ‘Manufactured By’ indication, against which the authentic name is ‘Triveni Glass International’. Alternatively, you can call us on our 24- hr helpline number +91 84 49 441000 or write to us at info@richcraftinternational.com to have the product verified. You can also upload an image on our website under the Contact Us section, we’ll check it, and get back to you.

How soon do you get back to our queries?

It takes about 72 business hours to get back to you, but generally we solve queries a lot before the commitment time.

What is BPA? Are all Richcraft products BPA free?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical used to make certain kinds of plastic and resins. It could get into food or beverages from containers that are made with this material, and have varied hazardous effects on human health. All Richcraft products are BPA-free, and are safe-for-use.

Are all Richcraft products food grade?

Yes, we ensure that the raw-materials used in our products are food-grade, and do not have negative health-effects on our consumers.

Are all Richcraft products durable and trustworthy for using with my little one?

Yes, all Richcraft products are tested under extreme conditions and are highly reliable with as to health safety perspective.

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